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Senior scientists from Canada, China, New Zealand and U.K. discuss multilateral collaborations in Queenstown

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Upon conclusion of the Queenstown Molecular Biology Meetings (QMB) Cell Signaling Satellite, six senior scientists from Canada, China, New Zealand and U.K. met in the evening of September 8, 2017 to discuss multilateral collaboration opportunities. They included: Professor John Burke (University of Victoria, Canada), Professor Ming-Wei Wang (Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Professor Rod Dunbar, Professor Peter Shepherd and Dr. Jack Flanagan of the University of Auckland as well as Professor Jon Sayers of University of Sheffield (U.K.). They conducted an in-depth exchange relative to carry out transnational research collaborations on signal transduction mechanisms and decided to implement the plan at the 2018 Queenstown Molecular Biology Meetings in Shanghai. Mrs. Rachel Heeney, wife of Professor Shepherd, was present.

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