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   Compound collection

As a major science and technology infrastructure in China, the CNCL is devoted to the exploration of compound resources within China in order to increase both the size and the structural diversity of the library. This will help to meet the needs of HTS (high-throughput screening) and HCS (high content screening). The CNCL wishes to collect and purchase chemically synthesized compounds and/or natural products from domestic or international sources.


       Nationwide collection

Under the conditions of respecting intellectual property rights (IPRs) and while providing a variety of screening services (www.screen.org.cn), the CNCL wishes to collect compounds of novel structures (see the compound collection process as below) that have accumulated in the past or have been newly synthesized by chemists, in order to increase the size and diversity of the compound library. The CNCL will particularly encourage those establishments that have specific compound synthesis methodology and have the capability to build focused libraries.



The purchase of defined compounds through commercial channels that possess structural types with a high level of diversity. Quality, quantity and druggability are highly emphasized including natural products and their derivatives, as well as sub-structure libraries.



 Access to novel compounds may be appropriate in some cases through collaborative agreements with various institutions. These agreements can take on a variety of forms and would be spelled out on a case-by-case basis.


       International cooperation

Obtain or exchange samples from foreign pharmaceutical companies or with foreign organizations engaged in drug discovery.