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   Intellectual property right protection measures

Assignment of ownership of intellectual property rights (IPRs) is a key to both innovation and open collaboration. Several measures are place to assure all parties concerned that IPRs will be honored:

(1) CNCL will sign a Confidentiality Agreement with compound supplier before accepting the compounds which will specify the responsibilities, obligations and rights of both parties.

(2) All compound information provided will be maintained strictly confidential.  

(3) The ownership of compounds belongs to compound supplier, who makes the decision whether to pursue the downstream development independently or cooperate with a third party if any biological activity is discovered after screening. The main body of the resulting IPRs and economic benefits belongs to compound supplier. 

(4) CNCL will provide continued technical support to compound supplier if it does not have the infrastructure to conduct follow-up studies.

(5) Upon written request by compound supplier, CNCL will facilitate joint research efforts on hit compounds aiming at clarifying their pharmacological and toxicological characteristics.