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Dr. Ming-Wei Wang met with Sir Brian Heap in Cambridge

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On April 5, 2018, Professor Ming-Wei Wang (Director of the National Center for Drug Screening/Chinese National Compound Library and Dean of School of Pharmacy, Fudan University) met with his Ph.D. mentor Sir Brian Heap (Distinguished Fellow, Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge; former Vice President of the Royal Society/Foreign Secretary and former Master of St. Edmund's College) in Cambridge, U.K. Traditional English tea was kindly offered by Lady Heap. Sir Brian was briefed with the latest status of the National Center for Drug Screening and Fudan School of Pharmacy and discussed with Dr. Wang in great detail on topics such as sustainable economic development. They met again in the evening at St. Edmund's College for dinner and continued their long discussions that recalled a lot of fond memories and shared some invaluable insights into the future.

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